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Pictures from the new Bulgaria


National Gallery - Square 500

1 "19 February" street, Sofia


The fourth museum podcast of the "Urban Detective" series for the "Seeing Comprehension" program is dedicated to the introduction of academic painting in Bulgaria and the creation of the first Drawing School - the forerunner of today's National Academy of Arts. Through the memories and paintings of the foreigner, but Bulgarian artist Ivan Mrkvichka, we look at the first years of the new Bulgarian state and the urge of our compatriots to catch up with Europe and present themselves to the world.

At the end of the episode, we also get a peek into the restoration studios of the National Art Gallery, in Kvadrat 500.

The episode features the voices of art critics, former and current curators at the National Gallery "Kvadrat 500"  - Martin Kostashki and Assoc. Dorothea Sokolova, with excerpts from the memories of Ivan Mrkvichka and original historical documents.

Zahari Zograf - Self-portrait, before 1853.

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Картини от новата БългарияГрадски детектив
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През 2023 г. "Гледане с разбиране" стартира новата инициатива "Слушане с разбиране". Тя включва безплатни аудиогидове в музеи в София на български и английски език.

Аудио програмата беше допълнена и от литературни аудиогидове и разходки в софийски музеи в сътрудничество с фондация "Прочети София" и "Литературни маршрути". 

Проектът "Слушане с разбиране" се осъществява с подкрепата на Столична община - Програма "Култура".

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